Spring Cleaning Has Begun

What does your spring cleaning consist of? Maybe it’s checking on equipment in your home to be sure everything is working properly. Sounds like a great plan to me! You could prevent from your furnace going out and having to fork over a large sum of money.

For Jaco we recommend a Sump Pump Check. Checking your sump pump to be sure it is actively working can save you a lot of headache and money in the future. Making sure that pump is working prevents water from coming into your home and causing a bigger issue. Water is collected in drainage pipes under the concrete floor of your basement during the rain. These pipe collect the water in the sump basin, where the sump pump is located. As the water rises it triggers a switch that turns on the pump and removes the water from the home. If your home does not have a sump pump, this might just be your time to add that to your list. All of the benefits to basement waterproofing will top the reasons to not make this an addition to your home.

In addition to our sump pump services, Jaco offers a Battery Back Up System. In case of a storm we offer these systems to allow your sump pump to continue working while there might be a power outage at your home. Installing a battery back-up will allow you to rest assured that your basement will stay dry, even during the storms.

Time to add to that Spring Cleaning List! Jaco is one call away.

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