The Storm is Approaching

Here recently we have been overwhelmed by Mother Nature and her thunderstorms taking over. Whether it be tree damage, water damage, home damage; it all is nothing we as homeowners want to deal with. Damage percentages have increased significantly in the last few months. Are you dealing with any of these issues?

Jaco Waterproofing can help you prevent water from seeping into your home in unwanted areas. We may not be able to clean up what has already happened, but we can make this STOP. Prevention is the start!

Cracks in concrete can form right under your nose and is not your fault. Stress Cracks in concrete are common and can develop when stresses in the concrete exceed its strength. Shrinkage cracks are formed when the open air hits the concrete and usually shrinks during the hardening process. Shrinkage is due to the evaporation of part of the water contained in the concrete. Or some cracks are just formed due to the changes within Mother Nature, and soil pressure itself. Not much you, as the homeowner, can do to prevent these from forming. However, Jaco can help prevent them from

leaking and causing an even larger issue.

Mold, Mildew, Unpleasant Odors, Harmful Living Environment for your Family.

Even the smallest hairline crack can bring in enough water to cause damage, so don’t sleep on the smallest crack in your basement foundation.

Jaco Waterproofing offers a crack injection service that is not only a quick and effective process, but also an affordable and a clean task. Some companies you call, and their injection service is a WHOLE process that includes digging up the exterior of the foundation, ruining your yard or fresh new landscaping. Jaco can help you bypass this un-necessary process, in most cases. We repair this simple crack from the interior of your home, and you will never even know we were there. Leaving the foundation dry, clean, and ready to finish within the week.

Why wait on this economical service? CALL TODAY to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE!

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